marți, 8 martie 2011

Agatha Christie....

Hey!!! O postare in romana...
Am sa va spun despre cartea care o citesc dar si despre cartea care o citesc. Mai intai va spun despre autoarea cartii Agatha Christie.
In primele ei romane a aparut un personaj numit Hercule Poirot care peste cativa ani va deveni "un detectiv belgian faimos". Printre romanele care mi-au placut cel mai mult exista locul unu luat de Crima din Orrient Express un roman excelent si plin de logica. Exista si filmul aprobat de scriitoare dar in Romania este foarte greu de gasit un film de Agatha Christie. Ma exista printre preferatele mele mai exista Intalnire cu moartea contrar acest roman este la fel de logic si cu imbarligaruri prin imbarligaturi. La un moment dat autoarea l-a urat pe Poirot considerandu-l insupartabil... Dupa Poirot a avut un personaj feminin numit Miss Marple dar dupa parerea mea nici nu s-a comparat cu Poirot. Intr-ul articol din Sunday Times a anuntat
"Hercule Poirot renumitul detectiv belgian a murit"
Asta pentru ca in ultima carte el (Poirot) a murit.
Si acum cateva cuvinte despre cartea pe care o citesc de Agatha Christie evident... Ea se numeste Craciunul lui Poirot si este un roman clasic al autoarei si un roman excelent!
Si cam atat pentru azi. Hope you enjoy!!!!!


sâmbătă, 5 martie 2011

new font!!!!

I found this font at new post..........t on blogger!!!! Is cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!!!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!

New clothes...... New post.....

Yesterday I was at Pimkie (a gorgeous shop that I love and my mum bought me new clothes!!!!! Two piece of jeans,4 piece of T-shirt and from Accesorize 3 piece of earrings.....
It was perfect for me yesterday because Chaira Ferragni( ) respond me at a mail and I feel perfect today!!!! I'm a bit bored but U must be bored SOMETIMES!!!


joi, 3 martie 2011

Some photos.....

It's been a long time that I post last time on my blog........ Yessssss and I'm sorry for that,but I'm back with new clothes and new photos..... Today I will show some new clothes that I bought from:
  1. Zara Trf (the jacket without badges :D)
  2. Yut (for who don't know is a very pretty shop in Mario Plaza :D)...Here are 3 photos,but I'm dressed in the same skirt and the same t-shirt... First picture is normal;the second is sepia and the last one is more classy in my opinion,of course,the old black and white......
Please comment and tell me what picture do you like most!!!!! I know you have good "taste" at fashion.....


vineri, 18 februarie 2011

Forever... Friends...

It's another post about my school. I know what you think: Another post with Maria's school... We saw that... And another post with ugly photos...
I took my laptop at school and took some funny pictures.... Hope you enjoy post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Plz comment!!!!!! Or tweet!!!!!!!!!

sâmbătă, 12 februarie 2011

All day shopping...:x

Today was a perfect day for me!!!!!!! It was shopping everywhere and I enter in my favorite shops like: Accesorize, Pimkie, Zara Trf, Zara Kids and Diverta... I think you imagine from the pictures what I took,but I told you anyway.:))
1.Pimkie blouse,Accesorize necklace,Zara girls jeans
2.Pimkie blouse,Accesorize necklace,Zara girls jeans
3.Zara Trf T-shirt,Accesorize necklace,Zara girls pants
4.A book and a movie from diverta:)
Hope you enjoy pictures!!!Plz comment!!!!!


vineri, 11 februarie 2011


Today at school was a pretty... DEZASTER!!!!!!!!!! But when I came home I talk with Delia,Lulubelle and my friends and was pretty good. I prepared....... to meet Lulubelle and Ann. I was so excited because after talk at phone and on messenger I at least meet her!!!!!! When we arrived at Trattoria I hugged her and then we ate. We took some funny pictures.... Of course... She gave me a Abercrombie&Fitch sweater and is cute!!!!!!!!! Well I had a perfect time today!!!!! Please comment or tweet!!!!


luni, 7 februarie 2011


Most of u are asking why I put the title for today's post "Toys". Well 'cause my house is renovating so I need to went there to took my toys... I'm so bored no things to do now...
P.S. Please comment or tweet!!!!!! Maya was a bit confused about toys...


vineri, 28 ianuarie 2011

Last days of school...:)

At least is holiday I can't wait to go to to Austria,but I will miss my friends. This day we had just 2 hours with our teacher and on Wednesday a male Top Model from Stefanel visited us and our teacher on Romanian hour. We had fun in our last week of school. Visiting our former collegians and chatting even in hours when we need to resolve something on Math. I played a lot this week on internet and I discovered new gamed that are very funny!!!! And playing on my daddy's iPad. I took: 9 math;10 romanian;10 sport;10 history;10 biology;9 geography;10 english;10 drawing... Hope in the next term I will have just 10!!! What do you think about my pictures? Please comment!