marți, 21 decembrie 2010

Winter Holiday part 1: Pictures everywhere...

Hello, my lovely readers!
This week is perfect for me! Why? Because I went to Austria with Julia and with Ann,my best friends(An is my cousin). We do funny things and we have a lot of fun together. We take a lot of pictures with Julia's iPhone and with my MacBook Air. I bought from here a new ski jacket and UGG (they are so cool and... black),but I'm sure my parents will buy me more( I can't resist on a front of a cool shop :)). I'm a bit sick so today I couldn't go to ski,but tomorrow I can. My mum doesn't ski so she stayed with me. We entered on Luis Vuiton,on Burberry,on Victoria Couture(also know as Hello Kitty) and on other shops. Here are just a few pictures of me,Julia and Ann. Hope you enjoy,and ,please comment!


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