vineri, 14 ianuarie 2011

Cool week!!!!

Hi there my lovely readers!!!!!!!
This week was totally perfect!(Almost perfect...:() All the days were perfect.I spend a lot of time with Ag and Maya with Sisi,but today I took a 9 ay math writing test!!!!!!!!!!:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( So here are a few photos from all week... And thanks Lulubelle for calling me! After that I was feeling better. Miss you!!!!!!!! And hope we meet soon!!!!!!!!! PLEASE COMMENT OR TWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day One: Monday...

Day Two: Tuesday...

Day Three:Wednesday...

Day four: Thursday...

Day five: Friday..


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  1. I miss U 2 guys;;) say hello to your brothers :*
    and don't worry sweetheart!!It's not the end of the's only a mark!!