joi, 20 ianuarie 2011

My school...

Hi! :)
After a long wait now is a new post on my blog. My MacBook Air could "die". I dropped water on him. School is a second life for me because I never meet my friends on weekend because I don't have time and my parents always forgot. And that's why school is a second life for me... There I meet my friends, we do funny things or cool things... From there I have 111 songs on my phone. My social life is there and there I learned how to write an "A" or an "M". At Draw I painted my nails...:) Tomorrow we (the girls who want max. 5 or 7) have a school championship on basketball and I'm a bit scared. Today we trained so I think we have chances. Hope like photos and note: there were took by my phone and at home I took a photo with an application from Mac: Photo Booth. PLEASE COMMENT! (OR TWEET!!!!!!!!)


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