vineri, 18 februarie 2011

Forever... Friends...

It's another post about my school. I know what you think: Another post with Maria's school... We saw that... And another post with ugly photos...
I took my laptop at school and took some funny pictures.... Hope you enjoy post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sâmbătă, 12 februarie 2011

All day shopping...:x

Today was a perfect day for me!!!!!!! It was shopping everywhere and I enter in my favorite shops like: Accesorize, Pimkie, Zara Trf, Zara Kids and Diverta... I think you imagine from the pictures what I took,but I told you anyway.:))
1.Pimkie blouse,Accesorize necklace,Zara girls jeans
2.Pimkie blouse,Accesorize necklace,Zara girls jeans
3.Zara Trf T-shirt,Accesorize necklace,Zara girls pants
4.A book and a movie from diverta:)
Hope you enjoy pictures!!!Plz comment!!!!!


vineri, 11 februarie 2011


Today at school was a pretty... DEZASTER!!!!!!!!!! But when I came home I talk with Delia,Lulubelle and my friends and was pretty good. I prepared....... to meet Lulubelle and Ann. I was so excited because after talk at phone and on messenger I at least meet her!!!!!! When we arrived at Trattoria I hugged her and then we ate. We took some funny pictures.... Of course... She gave me a Abercrombie&Fitch sweater and is cute!!!!!!!!! Well I had a perfect time today!!!!! Please comment or tweet!!!!


luni, 7 februarie 2011


Most of u are asking why I put the title for today's post "Toys". Well 'cause my house is renovating so I need to went there to took my toys... I'm so bored no things to do now...
P.S. Please comment or tweet!!!!!! Maya was a bit confused about toys...